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About love Kairos Life

Where it all started

The story of how Love Kairos Life was born is very special to me. After I escaped an abusive relationship in 2022, I jumped on a plane and headed to Costa Rica to start my healing journey. This is where my life changed forever. I knew I needed to work on myself and I knew it was going to be a journey that I needed to dedicate my time to. It was on this trip that I discovered breathwork, meditation, sound healing, gratitude walks, ecstatic dance, calm, peace and happiness. Everyone loved life in Costa Rica and I needed to love life too. As I started my journey I got a calling: To support others on their healing journey, provide comfort and reassurance to anyone who needs it, and to create a self-love community.

For years I questioned why no one else around me was going through what I was going through. I could never make sense of things. Why? I grew up in a house where there was no love. I didn't know what calm, happy and love meant. I knew how to fight and people please. When you grow up like this, you live and breathe this in your adulthood. When I started my healing journey in Costa Rica, it all hit me. It all started to make sense. I needed to work on me. I needed to learn how to overcome anxiety, love myself, set boundaries, understand my childhood and be ok spending time alone. I had to work through a lot of different things to get to where I am today.


Our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is so important. Taking care of ourselves is a must. To do this, we need to: set boundaries, recognize red flags, have mindfulness regimes, be active, practice techniques that calm our minds, enjoy self love and self care, relax and be comfortable spending time alone. Making yourself a priority is a priority.

I created Love Kairos Life so I can help guide you along the way. Everyone's journey is different, and that's what makes us all unique. My workshops and retreats will focus on different aspects of overcoming and healing from various things in life. I believe in each and every one of you. I'm here for you

You are beautiful and strong and I know you will
become the best version of you!

this is Love Kairos Life

From me to you

This is me, Amy. I'm here to help you connect with yourself, redirect your energy, calm your mind, focus on your breath and love yourself. I hope that my story inspires you to become the best version of you.



Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

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