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I deeply value the meeting sessions with Amy where she guides us through all of our day to day struggles and encourages us to stay positive and bright, we also engage in friendly discussions and chit chats which helps each of us to open up. I particularly appreciate the technique she shared with me on how to let go of resentment and ill vibes I had about a person and it worked magically. Lastly, she ends each session with a calm music and towards the end I always feel it could have been longer!! It just has that feel good vibes...Can't wait to join the next one!   


- Priya

Breathwork! I recently experienced an incredibly transformative breathwork session guided by Amy. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but from the moment it began, I felt pure relaxation in my body and was immersed into a journey of self-discovery. With each deep breath in, and exhale out, I connected with my inner self in ways I never imagined. Memories came up and the tears flowed, but my breath, the music and Amy continued to guide me. This session left me feeling rejuvenated and centered. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to explore such a powerful practice. If you are looking to tap into your inner peace, I highly recommend this.



Amy came to me at a time in my life when I truly needed her. I just needed someone to listen and guide me through the chaos. By attending her sessions on triggers, mindfulness, self love, self care, healing and calming the mind, I’ve had a lot of realizations. Through her support, guidance and encouragement I have found a space where I felt heard, understood and valued. I now understand that I need to prioritize myself, love myself, accept myself and know my worth.

Under Amy’s guidance I’ve discovered how powerful my breath is. In the few breathwork sessions I’ve shared with her, I have found a safe space to connect with myself on a deeper level, surrender to the present moment, and confront and release whatever surfaces. My mind that was once full of chaos is becoming clearer and clearer. The sense of connection to myself and others has provided me with clarity and guidance to work through the complexities of my past. Breathwork is truly transformational!

I am so grateful for Amy



Amy created such a beautiful space for us all to come reflect and set some intentions. My heart felt so full after leaving, thank you Amy!



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