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change your breath

change your life

Breathwork saved my life     

Now I'm an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator changing lives one breath at a time!

As a facilitator I will guide you through the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (ERBE) by combining movement, gratitude, guided meditation, rhythmic breathing and music for life changing results. I also offer flow which is similar to ERBE, but offers a deeper relaxed experience. You'll stretch, breathe longer and deeper, enjoy soothing music and feel a complete sense of relaxation while connecting with yourself. I offer private and group sessions that vary in length from 45 minutes up to 90.

    Are you ready to connect deeper with yourself, overcome challenges, reduce stress, release tension and anxiety?

    Are you ready to get rid of that noise in your head and break those limitations that are holding you down and controlling your life?

    Maybe you are looking to shift your mindset, become more focused and gain more energy.

    Or maybe you want to gain more clarity, be more present and at peace in your life.

It's time to change your life one breath at a time! 

Every experience varies. Different things happen to each person every time they are guided through it. It can be a very intense and healing experience for a lot of people.

Below are some breathwork benefits:

     calm mind

     be at peace

     gain clarity

     more energy

     relieve pain

     release trauma

     more focused

     be more present

     overcome stress & anxiety

     mindset shift

     deep gratitude

     let go of the past

     feel more connected

     overcome insomnia

Activate your breath today!

☆☆Take that step and start your transformational journey today☆☆



20220512_174613 (1).jpg
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breathe  connect  transform

Find the breath in YOU

Your breath is a tool within you. Use this to change your life!

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